BPI Handbook 2023

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The Bond Pricing Institute (a Division of the Bond Dealers of America) is pleased to announce the publication of the BPI 2023 Bond Pricing Handbook. Our objectives in creating this publication are:

  1. To present an accessible summary Guide to bond pricing challenges, focusing on valuation, operations and compliance with regulations, standards and best practice, and;
  2. To offer a Directory of some of the main firms involved in this business.

Our Handbook is divided into two sections:

Bond Pricing Guide

A summary of the current landscape for bond pricing in terms of requirements, methods and sources.

Company Directory

A listing of some of the main companies involved broadly in the business of bond pricing with descriptions of their service offerings.

We hope you find this Handbook useful. 

The Handbook forms part of a menu of services provided to the industry by the BPI. These include: 

  • Federal Advocacy
  • Developing and Maintaining Industry Best Practices
  • Events and Webinars
  • Research & Surveys

For more information on the BPI, please see https://bpi.bdamerica.org/

Any questions please contact Ian Blance at BPI at iblance@bdamerica.org.